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AVD Alpha Discreet Pen Battery

AVD Alpha Discreet Pen Battery

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Dive into the realm of discreet, safe, and flavor-rich vaping with the AVD Alpha Pen Battery. With its sophisticated design featuring a removable cap, your 510 thread cartridge remains neatly tucked away from prying eyes. This feature ensures your vaping experience remains as private as you desire.

Never fret over the fragility of your cartridges again. The Alpha Pen's sturdy metal cap isn't just for discretion; it offers a robust shield against accidental drops and falls. Your cartridges are safe and secure, allowing you to vape with complete peace of mind.

Experience our oils in their purest form, with flavors blooming in their full, vibrant glory. AVD's pioneering PowerWave™ technology expertly stabilizes temperatures and modulates the heat generated by the cartridge, preventing overheating and burning. Every puff delivers the true essence of our oils, untainted and unspoiled.

Your user experience is further enhanced with haptic vibration feedback. There's no need to search for LED light indicators; the subtle vibration tells you that your battery is activating. This intuitive feature lets you focus on enjoying your vape session, rather than monitoring your device.

With the AVD Alpha Pen Battery, vaping isn't just an activity, it's an immersive, worry-free, and pleasurable experience. Indulge in the future of vaping, where discretion, safety, and flavor excellence unite.


  • Voltage control switch
    • 2.6V for flavor and terpene retention
    • 3.5V for big clouds
  • Grade-A Lithium-ion battery with 280 mAh capacity
  • Draw-activated haptic vibration for intuitive use
  • PowerWave technology maintains consistent temperature
  • Micro-USB port with short-circuit overcharge protection
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