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1ML AVD All-Ceramic EZ Click™ Cartridge

1ML AVD All-Ceramic EZ Click™ Cartridge

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Experience the artistry of taste with our 1ML All-Ceramic artisanal vaporizer, where each puff delivers a symphony of award-winning flavors and a feast for the eyes. Exquisitely designed with a luxurious glass facade, this cutting-edge device showcases our premium oils like never before, amplifying the sensory pleasures with every use.

Our All-Ceramic is adorned with a radiant white ceramic center post, nestled within the transparent glass, and it is crowned with gold trims that lend a regal touch, perfectly framing the theatrical performance of our oils.

Ceramic, often notorious for its fragility, is reimagined in our All-Ceramic Cartridge. AVD elevates its potential with its exclusive, dentistry-grade ceramic blend, an innovation born from deep scientific research. This proprietary material imbues the cartridges with unprecedented robustness and ensures they remain chemically unreactive. The result? A remarkably pure and refreshing hit each time and every time.

Savor the exquisite depth of flavor offered by our CDT infused distillate, a testament to our uncompromising commitment to quality. Patience is the key to perfection; every drop of our oils undergoes a minimum SIX MONTH steeping process, allowing the flavors to mature and meld to perfection. Yes, you read that correctly, every strain listed here has been steeping and growing in complexity like a fine single-barrel whiskey for several months.

Our unique artisanal line is steeped for an astounding 12 MONTHS or more, a painstaking process that enhances complexity and enriches the flavor profile. These steeped oils are like a fine wine, growing more refined and alluring as they age.

Steeping takes place in sterile glass jars housed in a cool, dark, climate-controlled room, creating an ideal environment for flavors to develop. To ensure purity and preserve the integrity of the oils, we meticulously backfill out the oxygen in the jar with food-grade Argon or Nitrogen, inert gases that maintain a perfect equilibrium.

This intricate process produces an unmatched smoothness and velvety richness that dances on your palate with every hit, transforming vaping into a culinary delight. Our vapes aren't merely about delivering a hit; they're about savoring a journey, one delicious cloud at a time. Like fine wine, they only get better with age, promising a sublime experience that stands the test of time.

Embrace the All-Ceramic, and delve into an immersive and aesthetically pleasing vaping experience designed for those who savor the finest things in life.

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